Full Service Fulfillment & Company Stores

Selecting and producing great gifts is only half the battle — Brilliant can help you get your gifts delivered in style. We are experts in full-service fulfillment, from warehousing, to on-brand packaging and collateral, to packing, shipping and delivery.
Company stores make it easy for your colleagues to "shop" from your inventory of gifts and swag from anywhere in the world.

Warehousing & On-Demand Fulfillment

We’ll keep your branded gear and custom gifts safe and ready to go, with real-time inventory info at your fingertips. When you’re ready, sending your custom gift is just a few clicks away. Let’s face it, cramming those boxes of swag under your desk or in the office supply closet is inefficient, and one-off boxing and shipping is a pain.

On-brand Packaging

We all know that presentation is everything, but executing it beautifully and efficiently can be challenging. Our expert team has solutions for all of your packaging needs. We’ll make sure your packaging fits your brand and budget.

Address and Preference Collection

Want to send a gift with just an email address? No problem. We can collect addresses and gift preferences (for example, sizes, colors, flavors) to make sure your recipients receive a gift they’ll love, right to their doorstep.

Custom Cards

We can produce beautiful custom cards with your message inside. Cards can even be handwritten!

Shipping & Tracking

We’ll make sure your gifts make it into the hands of your recipients, with tracking numbers on every shipment and a status page that will give you an instant update on all of your gifts.


We can send gifts to almost every country in the world. Your Creative Partner will help you select a gift that will sail through customs and delight your recipients abroad.

Company Stores

Brilliant can quickly launch a custom company store to make distribution of your branded gear and pre-selected gifts hassle-free.

Team members simply type in your custom web URL to access your branded ecommerce storefront, where they can shop using a simple shopping cart interface. With a variety of payment and accounting configurations, we can set up your store to work smoothly with your company’s internal policies.

Company stores are typically used in concert with our fulfillment services, but we are happy to work with you if you’d like to handle fulfillment independently.