Our Slack integration is an easy way to notify you or specific account managers or salespeople when a shipment is delivered.

  • Use these notifications to help your team make "uncannily timed" follow-up calls or emails.
  • Notifications are typically sent within 1 hour of delivery (but it can vary based on shipping carrier).
  • Slack notifications are free when you work with Brilliant!
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Want to send a gift when a new user signs up for your website? Or when a client makes their first purchase? Use our flexible RESTful API to trigger gift sends based on anything you can imagine.

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Salesforce Integration

Our Touchpoint for Salesforce integration allows your team to select and send gifts to leads and clients, all without leaving the platform and workflow they use everyday. That means more gifts sent and more results for your team.

  • Choose a lead or contact, select a gift to send, customize the gift message, and hit "Send"
  • Touchpoint will show which products each person has already received, so you won't have to worry about duplicating past gifts
  • Prompt reps to follow up after delivery with automated Tasks created by Touchpoint within Salesforce
  • Reporting allows you to measure the impact of your Touchpoint program on opportunities, revenue and more
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Single sign-on with Okta

Use Okta to securely manage team access to merch, ordering capabilities, store portals and more. It's easy for your IT team to add and revoke privileges for new and departing employees using your existing process.

Our tech team has a swag obsession

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